Andreas Sarmias from Bay Pasta Co

Andreas Sarmias of The Bay Pasta Co has been a longstanding client of HMP.
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Holland Metal Products has been my Go-To stainless steel manufacturing firm for the last six years!

Thijs and his team have built me everything from custom stainless steel pizza oven shovels and heat shields to custom fishing rod racks for my off-road vehicle and everything in between.

Every crazy idea or design I have asked Thijs to manufacture he has turned into a piece of stainless art! The quality of the products he builds is second to none and his willingness to take on any project, whether seemingly impossible or simple and mundane, and complete the project perfectly and with the same attention to detail that Da Vinci put into his artworks.

HMP will continue to be my stainless steel manufacturing firm of choice until the day I run out of ideas for them to bring to life!

Thank you for the great service and awesome products Thijs and Evelyn!


Andreas Sarmias


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